Truck Mounted Platforms

  • Aichi SN15B

    Aichi SN15B

    With improved safety and maneuverability, equipped with capability for new technology. For contribution of your satisfied work environment.

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  • Aichi SK12A

    Aichi SK12A

    With improved safety and reliability, new technology makes the SK12A great in various applications.

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  • Aichi SK17A

    Aichi SK17A

    Featuring a pre-programmed interferance avoidance system, non-stop control system. Great for a variety of applications.

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  • Aichi SK22A and SK27A

    Aichi SK22A & SK27A

    Designed to meet the changing aerial lift truck needs of a wide variety of applications.

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  • Aichi D70A

    Aichi D70A

    The D-70A is our answer to various requests from worksites to lift long poles, to drill through tough ground and rock, and to set poles in remote places off the road or on a slope.

    AICHI's multilateral analysis has resulted in, a sturdier structure for improved durability, a more efficient motor, for better boom rotation, a multi operation lever for safety and efficiency, an auger setting mechanism which enables the auger to be installed from the ground, adjustable pole support on the top of the boom and a water tank.

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